Webinar - How can stacked injections improve throughput?

Stacked injections can increase the amount of sample purified in a day. This is done by using the time needed for a peak to elute after injection to inject more sample, so that there are a series of injections going down the column.

Stacked injections are most useful when a compound needs to be resolved from a closely eluting impurity, whose presence requires a low column-loading to reduce overlapping peaks. Although this situation commonly occurs with chiral compounds, achiral purification such as peptides, natural products, and organic synthesis also benefit from stacked injections. PeakTrak software and the ACCQPrep SFC allow you to create stacked injections very easily!

During this 45-minute webinar, followed by an interactive Q&A session, you will learn:

  • Why do stacked injections?
  • How do stacked injections work?
  • What samples are amenable to stacked injections?
  • Preparing your sample for stacked injections with your CombiFlash® NextGen flash chromatography system
  • Setting up stacked injections on your ACCQPrep SFC system

Presented by Joshua Lovell, Teledyne ISCO’s Product Line Manager-Pharma R&D Products, and Teledyne ISCO Applications Chemist Jack Silver, this webinar is your opportunity to hear from two leading experts in chromatography and discuss your specific application needs during the interactive Q&A.

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11/8/2022 12:00 AM
11/8/2022 11:00 PM