Webinar - Flash chromatography method development without TLC plates?! Is it possible?

​​The answer may surprise you. . . . During this 45-minute webinar plus interactive Q&A, Teledyne ISCO applications chemist and chromatography expert Jack Silver will discuss how to perform flash chromatography method development without using thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates for both normal phase and reverse phase.

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The Flash Focus Gradient Generator delivers an optimized preparative method using the results of a scouting run quickly and more efficiently than TLC. The Flash Focus Gradient Generator is now a new feature in the CombiFlash® NextGen system that makes the calculations fast and easy. This new technique has the following advantages over TLC method development:

  • Fast, eliminating the need to run multiple different TLCs with different mobile phase concentrations. In the time it takes to run a single TLC plate run, the Flash Focus Gradient Generator covers the entire solvent composition range and calculates an optimized preparative method or determines whether another mobile phase or stationary phase should be tried.
  • When combined with a PurIon ™ mass spectrometer, actually know which peak is your compound of interest to optimize the method around — no guessing which spot is the target material.
  • Can be run with all solvents compatible with the column- no worries about the TLC binding dissolving.
  • No special training required to run the column correctly as compared to TLC plates.
  • No concerns about matching TLC plates.
  • Develop efficient flash chromatography methods for those columns, such as amine, for which TLC plates aren’t readily available.
  • Reverse phase method development directly from analytical scouting gradients.
  • Examples to be presented include small molecules, natural products, and peptides!
  • How can you save time and improve your sample purification with flash focused gradients?

We hope you can join us for this informative presentation. During the Q&A, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your specific application with Jack. Please choose the time most convenient to you, and we’ll see you then!

3/16/2023 12:00 AM
3/16/2023 10:00 PM