Recent enhancements to Flowlink® Cipher 1.3 collection systems data management software

​​Recent enhancements to Flowlink® Cipher 1.3 collection systems data management software

During this 45-minute presentation plus interactive Q&A, attendees will gain valuable insight into the benefits of cloud-based data hosting and an extensive array of productivity tools at your fingertips with the recently updated Flowlink Cipher software, including drag-and-drop creation of graphs and scatter plots, customizable dashboards, GIS mapping, site alarms, power management, reports, rapid assessment of hydraulic conditions, and more.

What is new and improved

  • Support for the new Teledyne Isco DuraTracker® flow meter
  • Support for LaserFlow Diagnostics — The diagnostic data is now rendered in a new dialog box with both text and graphs displayed.
  • Text boxes are now supported within graphs — “Notes/text” boxes can now be added to a graph to highlight events.
  • Display-properties for each dataset in a graph now includes an option to apply a statistics function to the data. Statistics function options include Average, Minimum, Maximum and Sum.
  • Reports now support Min/Max times of when these events occurred.
  • Program settings for 2100 series modular flow systems can now be viewed within Cipher.
  • Wireless power schedules can now be viewed in Cipher. The call-in window to allow for calling a site can now be seen in the Site screen of a given device.

This informative webinar is a must for anyone using or considering Flowlink Cipher software. The Q&A will give you an opportunity to discuss questions relevant to your specific applications. We hope you can join us!




7/26/2022 9:00 AM
7/26/2022 3:00 PM