Getting started with your ACCQPrep® preparative HPLC system

​​​Getting started with your ACCQPrep® preparative HPLC system

​​New to the ACCQPrep system, or to a lab that uses an ACCQPrep chromatography system? Did you obtain a ACCQPrep system from the used equipment market? This informative webinar will help you get up to speed faster and with confidence. If you aren't used to preparative high-performance liquid chromatography systems, these useful tips and tactics will help you obtain successful, accurate, repeatable results.

You will learn:

  • Doing a basic run with default methods
  • Fast and easy method development with the focused gradient generator
  • How to select a wavelength to detect your compound
  • Overview of the basic ACCQPrep controls and functions

Please join Teledyne ISCO applications chemist Jack Silver for this 45-minute webinar, followed by an interactive Q&A session affording you the opportunity to ask questions specific to your applications.​

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6/8/2022 7:00 AM
6/8/2022 9:00 PM