​​​​​​​Electric Valve Continuous Flow Systems

​E1000 ​E500 ​E260 ​E100X ​E65DM
​Pump Size Cylinder Volume ​1,015 mL ​507 mL ​266 mL ​103 mL ​65 mL
​Flow Range ​0.001 to 133 mL/min ​0.001 to 133 mL/min ​0.001 to 70 mL/min ​0.00001 to 32 mL/min ​0.00001 to 19.5 mL/min
​Pressure Range ​0 to 2,000 psi ​0 to 3,750 psi ​0 to 7,500 psi ​0 to 10,000 psi ​n/a​

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