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We value your opinions and suggestions, and we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance of any kind, please use the information below to contact Teledyne ISCO or the sales office nearest to you. ​

 Safety Information

Aluminum Oxide, Chromatography GradeSDS
Chromatography Silica Gel, BondedSDS
Chromatography Silica GelSDS
Power ProductsSDS
Universal Test MixSDS

For additional information or questions, please contact:
Shawn Holloway
Facilities/EHS Manager
Teledyne Instruments, Inc. d/b/a Teledyne ISCO
4700 Superior Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
402/465-2087 Direct

 Domestic Sales

Domestic Water and Wastewater Sales​



 Find Your Representative

West/Gulf Coast sales for Water and Wastewater

Name ​Telephone ​Email
​Bob Glenn ​(402) 465-2059 Robert.Glenn@teledyne.com



South Central sales for Water and Wastewater


​Name ​Telephone ​Email
Darrell Kuta
(402) 465-3976 Darrell.Kuta@t​eledyne.com



Eastern​ sales for Water and Wastewater​


​Name ​Telephone ​Email
​Rich Skradski ​(724) 831-6325 Richard.Skradski@teledyne.com



General Information

For general inquiries regarding Teledyne ISCO, its products, and its services.

​Headquarters ​​Telephone ​Fax ​Online Form

​Teledyne ISCO
4700 Superior St.
Lincoln, NE 68504


​(402) 464-0231

(800) 228-4373

​(402) 465-3022 Contact Us


 Customer Service

Customer Service

For order placement/status/questions, part number inquiries, availability, renting, quoting, and pricing.

Telephone (US & Canada)

​Telephone (international)



​(402) 853-5400

(800) 228-4373

​(402) 853-5390

​(402) 465-3022



 Product Support

Applications Support

Teledyne ISCO provides applications support to assist you with the programming, installation, and operation of your equipment. Specialists are also available to help you determine the best product solution for your particular application needs.

Applications support is provided for all Teledyne ISCO product lines, including:
  • Chromatography
  • Water and Wastewater Samplers
  • Water and Wastewater Flow Meters
  • Water and Wastewater Parameter Sensors
  • Pumps

Please contact our application experts using our online form.

Water and Wastewater Support

For applications and troubleshooting regarding Water and Wastewater products.


Telephone (US & Canada)


​(402) 853-5350

(866) 298-6174​

Chromatography and Pump Support​

For applications and troubleshooting regarding Chromatography and Pump products.


Telephone (US & Canada)


​(402) 853-5340

(800) 775-2965


Factory Repair Service

If your Teledyne ISCO equipment requires service, our experienced Service Department is there for you. Our factory-trained technicians pride themselves on providing thorough equipment evaluations and service with the fastest possible turnaround time. To minimize your downtime, we offer expedited service at favorable rates. We can also provide equipment under lease or loan arrangements to qualified customers to use while their equipment is being repaired, or provide on-site service if required. To contact our service department, choose from one of the following methods.


Water and Wastewater Instruments

Analytical, CombiFlash, and Pump Instruments

​(800) 775-2965



Customer Training

Teledyne ISCO offers comprehensive in-house training tailored to customers' individual needs. Training can be arranged to take place at either Teledyne ISCO's main facility in Lincoln, NE or at the customer's facility. Training can be structured to include a wide variety of topics ranging from how to get the most out of your instrument, programming and general maintenance, to component level troubleshooting and repair.


To speak with one of our representatives concerning training, please contact us using our online form.

 International Sales

International Sales

Find Your Representative


UK direct sales ​for Chromatography and Pumps

​Name ​Telephone ​Email
​Nicola Brown ​+44-782-505-5974 Nicola.Brown@teledyne.com



South America sales for Water and Wastewater

Includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Name ​Telephone ​Email
​Darrell Kuta
(402) 465-3976


South America sales for Chromatography and Pumps

Includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

​Name ​Telephone ​​Email
​Michael Sushan



European sales for Chromatography and Pumps

​Name ​Telephone ​Email
​Phillip Moss ​+44-776-423-3235 Phillip.Moss@teledyne.com


European sales for Water and Wastewater

​Name ​Telephone ​​Email
​Michael Maher
​+39 324 6638847


Pacific Rim sales for Chromatography and Pumps

​Name ​Telephone ​Fax ​Email
​Sanny Pang
+86 180 2710 1959




Pacific Rim sales for Water and Wastewater

​Name ​Telephone ​Fax ​Email
​Mark Chen ​+86-21-6876-8871 ​+86-21-6876-8870 Mark.Chen@teledyne.com