Legacy Products

Please see the chart below for an overview of Teledyne ISCO Chromatography legacy products:


​​Legacy Product ​Suggested ​Alternative Production End Date
​Retriever 500
Foxy R1
Ended as of June 2018
​Tris PumpPeriXus
Ended as of January 2018
​Base Model - PurIon Mass Spectrometer​PurIon “S” Model
​Ended as of June 2018
​CombiFla​sh RF 150
CombiFlash NextGen 300
​Ended as of June 2018
​CombiFlash RF+
CombiFlash NextG​en 300+ ​Ended as of June 2018
​CombiFlash Lumen
CombiFlash NextGen 3​00+ with optional ELSD
Ended as of June 2018
​CombiFlas​h Rf+ PurIon
CombiFlash NextGen 300+ PurIon
Ended as of June 2018
​Densi​ty Gradient Fractionation System
​None ​Ended as of January 2018
​CombiFlash® Companion® ​​CombiFlash Next​Gen 300 ​​Ended as of December 31, 2008
​​CombiFlash® Companion® 4X ​​CombiFlash Next​G​en 300+ ​​​Ended as of December 31, 2008
​​CombiFlash® Companion® XL
​​CombiFla​sh Torrent ​​Ended as of December 31, 2009
​​CombiFlash® RETRIEVE® CombiFlash NextGen 100
​​Ended as of December 31, 2009
​​CombiFlash® Optix® 10 System CombiFla​sh NextGen 300+
​​Ended as of December 31, 2009
​​CombiFlash® Rf 200 ​​CombiFlash NextGen 300+
Ended as of March 31, 2014
​​CombiFlash® Rf 200i CombiFlash NextGen 3​00+ with optional ELSD
Ended as of March 31, 2014
​​Foxy® 200
Foxy R2​
​​Ended as of December 31, 2008

​SofTA® 300S ELS Detector

​SofTA® 1300 ELS Detector
​Model 340CF Preparative ELSD
​SofTA® 2300 ELS Detector​


*Teledyne ISCO strives to support our customers legacy products for many years after our production stops. Support may be limited due to specific parts availability from our vendors or material/circuitry changes that would require an extensive redesign. Teledyne ISCO will make its best efforts to assure availability of consumable or frequently replaced parts for as long as possible.

Legacy Documents

ACCQPrep HP125 Installation RequirementsTN34
Adjustable Solid Load Catridge Cap for RediSep Cartridges Technical NoteTN10
Chimeric Diol Column Behavior using Aqueous Solvents App NoteAN86
CombiFlash Rf 200 - 200i - 75 - 4x VerificationTN24
CombiFlash Rf Installation Requirements Technical NoteTN32
CombiFlash Rf Lumen Installation Requirements Technical NoteTN29
CombiFlash RfPlus PurIon System Verification Technical NoteTN25
Companion Solvent Change Between Normal and Reversed Phase Solvents Technical NoteTN09
ELSD as an Alternative Detection Method App NoteAN80
Flowcell Care and Cleaning Technical NoteTN01
Fraction Tube Filling Variability Technical NoteTN19
Hints for Strong Ion Exchange Resins App NoteAN98
Multi-step Synthesis and Purification App NoteAN83
Networked Purification System Increases Productivity for Medicinal Chemists Technical NoteTN02
Purification of Alkaloids with RediSep Rf SCX Columns App NoteAN40
RediSep Rf Strong Anion Exchange Column App NoteAN87
RediSep SAX Column Purification of Acidic Compounds with a Multipurpose Scavenger Column App NoteAN44
RediSep SCX Column Purification of High pKa Organic Compunds with Multipurpose Scavenger App NoteAN39
Usage Guide for CombiFlash Caps and Cartridges Technical NoteTN13
Using RediSep Flash Columns on FlashMaster Chromatography Systems App NoteAN19