CombiFlash Torrent®

The next generation in scale up Flash purification

CombiFlash Torrent

Get the ease of​ use and reliability provided by CombiFlash and RediSep for Development Scale purification with the CombiFlash​ Torrent Purification System from Teledyne ISCO. One liter per minute flow rates rapidly purify up to 300 grams of sample. The 100 psi pumps accurately deliver a reproducible binary gradient. The CombiFlash Torrent system is designed to be flexible for a variety of large-scale purification needs, with various methods of sample introduction and collection. 

The trusted RediSep® columns​ communicate with the system to quickly create methods without error through RFID technology. Column information is accessed on the RediSep column for easy recall of methods. Large scale RediSep columns, with quick Luer connections, are available in a broad range of sizes and medias.


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CombiFlash Torrent

​Flow Rate Range
​50 - 1000 mL/min
​Pressure Limit
​100 psi (6.89 BAR)
​Sample Size​0.5 - 300 g
​Column Sizes
​80 g - 8.6​​​ kg
​​Dimensions (H x W x D)​​28.1 x 18.5 x 17.9 in​ (71.4 x 47 x 43.5 cm)​
​​Weight​65 lbs (29.5 kg)​

 ​For a full list of product specifications, see the brochure.



Standard Features
  • 1 L/min flow rate 
  • 100 psi rated 
  • 300 g purifications 
  • Patented solvent and waste level sensing technology 
  • Fully-grounded fluid path 
  • Easy-to-use PeakTrak® software 
  • Accepts RediSep column sizes from 80 g to 8.6 kg 
  • RFID column detection 
  • Automated six-port valve and large diameter tubing​​​

Model 340CF Preparative ELSD

For use with CombiFlash® Systems​​​​

This detector is a modular component solution for the unique needs of preparative chromatography, allowing you to confidently see compounds without chromophores.

Standard Features:

  • Patented technology precisely controls temperature 
  • Flexible signal filter option reduces baseline noise
  • Low gas consumption​