​CombiFlash® NextGen Systems

The CombiFlash NextGen line of systems takes the guesswork out of your purifications and increases productivity whether you are purifying synthetic compounds, natural products, peptides, or polymers. ​Check out the ​CombiFlash EZ Prep​ to discover Teledyne ISCO’s latest advances in chromatography which offers Flash and Prep HPLC in one compact system.​​


Systems to Fit Your Needs

NextGen 300+

CombiFlash NextGen 300+

The CombiFlash NextGe​n 300+ comes standard with all options installed. Flow rate range is from 1 to 300 mL/min at operating pressures up to 300 psi (20 bar). The system is fitted with a solid load injection valve that can be bypassed if you decide to perform a liquid injection.

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NextGen 300

CombiFlash NextGen 300

The CombiFlash NextGen 300 is configurable to your needs. The system is designed for liquid injections, operating at up to 150 psi (10 bar). If needed, add the solid load injection valve (increases the operating pressure limit to 300 psi (20bar)) and increase the system's versatility.

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NextGen 100

CombiFlash NextGen 100

The CombiFlash NextGen 100 offers flow rates up to 100 mL/min and operating pressures up to 150 psi (10 bar). This is an economical, basic system designed to perform both normal and reverse phase purifications.

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CombiFlash EZ Pre​p​​​

The CombiFlash EZ Prep offers streamlined Flash and Prep HPLC chromatography in one compact, easy-to-operate unit. With just two clicks, users can switch from pre-purifying samples on Flash to generating submission-quali​ty compounds on Prep ​HPLC. Teledyne ISCO's RFID-encoded collection racks ensure proper loading every time and allows users to hot-swap racks during separation for virtually limitless fraction collection capability.

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CombiFlash Torrent

CombiFlash Torrent

Get the ease of use and reliability provided by CombiFlash and RediSep for Development Scale purification with the CombiFlash Torrent Purification System from Teledyne ISCO. One liter per minute flow rates rapidly purify up to 300 gram​s of sample. The 100 psi pumps accurately deliver a reproducible binary gradient. The CombiFlash Torrent system is designed to be flexible for a variety of large-scale purification needs, with various methods of sample introduction and collection.

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