​ACCQPrep® Systems

With ease of purification in mind, the user-friendly ACCQPrep HP150 eliminates unnecessary and complex method parameters found in many of the HPLC systems in today’s market and the​ ACCQPrep SFC offers versatility without limitations​. Both with touch screen interface the ACCQPrep systems were designed with the user in mind.

Systems to Fit Your Needs

NextGen 300+



Achieve High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) simply, without compromise.

The Teledyne ISCO ACCQPrep HP150 was developed and designed with the ease of a Flash system in mind. It does not follow the traditional path of an analytical system, but rather this system has be​en designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

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NextGen 300



Green Preparative SFC: Chiral or achiral separations in a single, compact solution

The ACCQPrep® SFC is a compact system that simplifies method complexity and ensures successful separations for users of all experience levels. When paired with an optional SFC AutoSampler (2x2 or 4x2), the ACCQPrep SFC offers versatility without limitations; all in the smallest Prep SFC footprint on the market.​

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