accQlink Overflow - Remote Data SystemaccQlink Overflow

Teledyne ISCO's accQlink Overflow monitoring equipment gives you real time information and early warning of trouble from remote or high priority areas.


Place, Power and Plan

​​Place the accQlink in the field and power the nearly indestructible monitor using battery, solar or permanent power sources. The device can be programed to receive information from a variety of outputs, transmits secure data to the cloud or your own server but most importantly, the accQlink monitor allows the optimization of limited, but crucial resources of time, money and man power.


Alert Updates

Receive up-to-the-minute updates on critical water and wastewater information so you can prepare the proper corrective response to the ever-changing conditions in the field.


Strategic Planning Preparations

People depend on officials to make the right decisions to ensure their safety. With Teledyne ISCO's accQlink you can have continuous “eyes-on" analytic updates providing critical information to aid in the development of a strategic plan in ever changing, potentially dangerous situations.


Information Monitoring Options

Monitor any water situation in a real-time, continuous feed or once levels reach pre-selected criteria. Teledyne ISCO's accQlink gives you the information you need to make the right decisions and does it economically, remotely and dependably.​​

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