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Heating Pump Cylinder to High TemperaturesAN45
Catalytic CO2 Conversion and In Situ Spectroscopy at High Pressure App NoteAN44
In-situ Injections of Hydrogen Gas in the Opalinus Clay App NoteAN43
Conducting Batch Reactions at Relevant Geologic Carbon Sequestration Condtions App NoteAN42
Conducting Iron Hydroxide Precipitation Reactions at High Temperature and High Pressure App NoteAN41
Conducting Barite Scale Formations in Oil Production Reservoirs App NoteAN40
ECBM Gravimetric Adsorption Measurements Under Realistic Conditions App NoteAN38
High Pressure Separations of Supercritical Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide App NoteAN37
Continuous and Precise Metering of Reactants and Solvents into Supercritical Water Gasification App NoteAN36
Continuous, Fluid-powered, Slurry Feeding into High-pressure, High-temperature Environments App NoteAN35
Investigation of Process Variables in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Soybeans App NoteAN34
Nanoscale Studies of Confined and Interfacial Compressed Fluids App NoteAN33
Processing Algae and Other Biomass to Form Biopolymer By-Products App NoteAN32
Semi-Continuous Carbonated Hot Water Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass App NoteAN31
Supercritical Fluid Extraction for the Removal of Lipid and Interfering Compounds for Dating Archaeological Artifacts AN30
Acid-Catalyzed Aqueous-Phase Conversion of Biomass to Fuel Precursors App NoteAN29
Processing of Biomass App NoteAN28
Measurement of Aqueous Solubility of Compounds at High Temperature App NoteAN27
Condensate Flooding Experiments App NoteAN26
Measurement of Binary Diffusion Coefficients of Compounds at Infinite Dilution in Water as a Function of Temperature AAN26
Slurry Mixer App NoteAN25
Pumping BiomassAN24
Seismic Studies in Carbon Sequestration for Enhanced Oil Recovery App NoteAN23
PBA Solubility Measurement App NoteAN22
Extrusion Foaming App NoteAN21
Plastic Foaming Simulation System App NoteAN20
Catalytic Hydrogrenation App NoteAN19
Microreactor Systems App NoteAN18
Foam Injection Molding App NoteAN17
Exploring New Energy Concepts App NoteAN16
Injection of CO2 Into Plastic Extruders App NoteAN15
Methane Hydrate Studies App NoteAN14
Carbon Sequestration App NoteAN13
In-Situ Techniques for Recovery of Oil Sands App NoteAN12
Comparison of Xanthan and HPAM Solution Rheology in Berea SandstoneAN11
X-Ray Computer Microtomography App NoteAN10
Reactive Spray Deposition App NoteAN09
Gels for Conformance Improvement in Gas EOR Flooding App NoteAN08
Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR App NoteAN07
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography App NoteAN06
Supercritical Fluids in Reaction Engineering App NoteAN05
Ultra HPLC System Configuration App NoteAN04
Core Analysis App NoteAN03
Reactant Feed App NoteAN02
Supercritical Fluid Applications in Manufacturing and Materials Production App NoteAN01