ISCO, Inc., was founded in 1958, and since its inception has been headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Through our focus on designing and building products to meet specialized custo​​mer needs, the company grew from founder Dr. Robert Allington's garage into its current 200,000 square foot plant.

In June of 2004, Isco was acquired by Teledyne Technologies, Inc., becoming Teledyne ISCO and beginning a new chapter in the company's story.

Today, Teledyne ISCO manufactures a wide range of products for professionals working in water pollution monitoring and abatement, engineers and managers involved with wastewater process control, and scientists involved in field and laboratory work.

We have always taken pride in the fact that the products we produce are used by our customers to improve the quality of life on Earth. Benefits realized from the use of ISCO products range from maintaining a clean environment, to developing disease-curing drugs and finding new energy supplies.​​