The purity of molecules was top priority for Auburn University and the CombiFlash NextGen 300+ achieved this.​​

Kacey Ortiz
Doctoral Student in Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Auburn Unversity
Auburn, Alabama

It's a good instrument. The results are pure. The user interface for the CombiFlash [NextGen 300+] is the easiest and most straightforward I've used.​​” 

​What problem did you need to solve?

All the molecules we make have to be purified to ensure we have made the correct molecule and to ensure we are reporting the correct reaction yields. We also need pure compounds to ensure any reactions we perform, or bioactivity tests we have done, with the molecules, aren't compromised. Our lab's focus is on the development of methods for making heterocycles and applying those methods as well. I like to say it's like building furniture, where molecules are the furniture. We're developing the tools that help build that furniture, then building the furniture. [For the non-chemist, a heterocycle is any of a major class of organic chemical compounds characterized by the fact that some or all of the atoms in their molecules are joined in rings containing at least one atom of an element other than carbon.] 

What was the problem addressed?
We purchased a CombiFlash NextGen 300+. 

How did you find workting with the CombiFlash NextGen 300+?
Smooth, efficient, and reliable. It sounds like buzzwords, but for the CombiFlash system, its true.

How have you benefited from the process?
It's a good instrument. The results are pure. The user interface for the CombiFlash is the easiest and most straightforward I've used. It feels pretty intuitive. The CombiFlash has already been put through its paces and is used every day by our group of seven grad students, a post-doc and my undergrad.

What would you say if you were recommending us to another company?
Teledyne ISCO really is everywhere you look. My boss used a Teledyne ISCO unit in his grad studies. I used one in my internships. We demoed a machine from a ​different company, but it felt like a prototype of what the CombiFlash is. Knowing the CombiFlash works made it the number one go-to.