​With more than 35 years of experience, the Teledyne ISCO service center handles all your service related and technical support needs quickly and effectively via phone, email and video conferencing. The Teledyne ISCO service center is located at our factory in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Contact us today for assistance with any of your technical service questions.​

​As part of the larger Teledyne Pharma group, we offer on-site coverage in numerous locations. Our factory trained technicians are supported by the factory service center and offer the best service documentation in the business.

​At Teledyne ISCO we pride ourselves on:

  • Being Open and Honest About the Service Agreement
  • No “Opting In" to Activate Your Warranty
  • No Additional Fee for Warranty Coverage

We offer a wide range of service plans focused on your individual needs.​

table illustrating information described below

​​Unlimited Technical Support—remote support offered from the Teledyne ISCO Factory

Dedicated Service Agreement Administrator—quickly handles your non-technical and billing needs

Software Updates—offered via the Teledyne ISCO website

Expendable Repair Parts—parts normally used up or consumed in service, includes pump seals, PM kits and lamps

​Repair Parts—excludes expendable repair parts, includes all other service parts

*Service Agreements do not cover consumables, such as columns and cartridges​*

Parts Only Service Plan

Focused on customers outside the U.S. and Canada who would like to control and lock in the cost of parts. This agreement is also available in the U.S. and Canada. As always free phone, email and video conferencing is standard.​

Included in the Parts Only plan:

  • Repair Parts
  • Unlimited Technical Support​
  • Software Updates

*PurIon System is not eligible for this plan*

Parts Preventative Maintenance​ (PM)

The Parts PM agreement is focused on teaching institutions and startups that would like to lock in the cost of parts and the benefit of one onsite preventative maintenance call performed yearly.​


  • Upfront parts cost for budget planning
  • Onsite preventative maintenance

Included in this agreement

repair parts, unlimited technical support, preventative maintenance performed onsite, software updates

*PurIon System is not eligible for this plan*

Premium Service Agreement

The Premium Service Agreement is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical environment. This agreement covers sample induced errors, such as clogs that are inevitable in a research environment. The Premium Service Agreement also provides worry-free maintenance by including expendable repair parts such as pump seals and lamps.​​

repair parts, unlimited technical support, software updates, and items listed below

Sample Induced Errors

Clogs caused by analyte buildup, leaks caused by high pressure induced by clogs and dirty flow cell messages are covered in this agreement.

Expendable Repair Parts​

Expendable repair parts are parts normally used up or consumed in service, includes pump seals, PM kits and lamps.

Preventative Maintenance Performed On-site

Factory trained technicians performs preventative maintenance once a year at the customer’s site. Preventative maintenance includes pump seal and lamp replacement and passing universal test sample requirements.

On-site Repair and Travel

The Technician’s time spent repairing and traveling is covered under this plan.​​​​​​

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