​​Multiple issues with current products leads to Tele​dyne ISCO solution for Voronoi Bio in Incheon, South Korea.​

​Jung Beom Son, Ph.D.
Voronoi Bio
Incheon, South Korea

“Over time, we have purchased 33 Teledyne ISCO chromatography units. I think that speaks volumes for our relationship.” 


​What problem did you need to solve?

We used a non-ISCO prep HPLC unit, but due to the nature of its manufacturing, connection errors occurred frequently, interrupting processes and ruining samples it was not possible to stop in the middle of. Also, it was not possible to purify a large amount at once, and the third-party’s equipment took up a lot of valuable space in the lab. 

How have you benefited from your Teledyne ISCO product?
The Teledyne ISCO units are space efficient, and a large amount of compound can be purified at once. The solvent level sensing feature is of great value in instances where the solvent level is insufficient, or solvent is unknowingly spilled. In terms of function, it was more efficient than chromatography machines from other companies. 

How did you find working with Teledyne ISCO?
Over time, we have purchased six CombiFlash® Rf+ units, 19 CombiFlash NextGen300+, and eight ACCQPrep® HP 125s and 150s​. I think that speaks volumes for our relationship with Teledyne ISCO. What would you say if you were recommending us to another company? We introduce the equipment's efficiency and ease of use to university who visited our company, and to doctors who want to start a venture.​