​Standard Features

  • Durable probe containing pH and temperature sensors can be mounted vertically in the flow stream, or horizontally to reduce rag-catching.

  • Exposed temperature sensor reacts and compensates more quickly to changes in flowstream temperature, providing more accurate data recorded

  • During the program’s operation, current pH and temperature values are viewable on the sampler's LCD display.

  • All parameter data stored in the sampler is available for later retrieval, reporting, and graphing using ISCO Flowlink® software.


  • Logging pH and temperature data for wastewater streams

  • Triggering sample collection based on pH or temperature

  • Industrial monitoring

  • TMDL monitoring

Options and Accessories

  • Sensor carrier for attaching pH/temperature probe to ISCO Standard Mounting Rings.

  • Buffer, pH value 4 - package of 10. For calibrating pH probe.

  • Buffer, pH value 7 - package of 10. For calibrating pH probe.

  • Buffer for calibrating pH probe. pH value 10.00 - package of 10.

  • Rinse solution for flushing probe tip after calibration - package of 10​

For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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