​Standard Features

  • Quick-change bottle cartridge system

  • Exclusive LD90 Liquid Presence Detector and pump revolution counting system ensure accurate, repeatable sample volumes.

  • Basic and extended programming modes for:

    • Uniform time intervals

    • Non-uniform time intervals

    • Stormwater runoff sampling

    • Multiple bottle compositing

    • Split sampling

  • Thick foam insulation (R-11) and 16-lb. ice capacity to preserve samples.

  • 3700 Controller is housed in a NEMA 4X and 6 (IP67) environmentally sealed enclosure, and is fully interchangeable between portable and refrigerated samplers. 

  • Mcerts Certified​


  • Wastewater effluent

  • Stormwater monitoring

  • CSO monitoring

  • Permit compliance

  • Pretreatment compliance 

Options and Accessories

  • Sequential sampling bottle configuration - 24 x 500 ml wedge-shaped polyethylene

  • Composite sampling bottle configurations - 1 x 2.5 gal (9450 ml) polyethylene or glass; 1 x 2.0 gal (7500 ml) ProPak® single-use bag

  • Suction lines and strainers​


​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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