N​​o​ Service plan conversation would be complete without a brief descr​​iption of our service and support team implementing the plan.

​​Service Center

With more than 35 years of experience, the Teledyne ISCO service center is located at the factory in Lincoln NE. The Service Center can handle all your service related and technical support question quickly and effectively via phone, email and video conferencing. We boast a dedicated Service plan administrator that will handle all your non-technical and billing needs. Contact us today to assist with any of your technical service questions.

Field Support

As part of the larger Teledyne Pharma group we offer onsite coverage in numerous locations. Our factory trained technicians are supported by the factory service center and offer the best service documentation in the business.​

Service Plan Descriptions

At Teledyne ISCO we pride ourselves on:

  • Being Open and Honest About the Service Plans
  • No “Opting In" to Activate Your Warranty
  • No Additional Fee for Warranty Coverage

We offer a wide range of service plans focused on your individual needs.​

Service Plan Table 1.PNG


Unlimited Technical Support—remote support offered from the Teledyne ISCO Factory
Software Updates—offered via the Teledyne ISCO website
Expendable Repair Parts—parts normally used up or consumed in service, includes pump seals, PM kits and lamps
Repair Parts—excludes expendable repair parts, includes all other service parts

*Service Plans do not cover consumables, such as columns and cartridges​*

Parts Only Service Plan

Focused on customers outside the U.S. and Canada who would like to control and lock in the cost of parts. This plan is also available in the U.S. and Canada. As always free phone, email and video conferencing is standard.​

Included in the Parts Only plan:

  • Repair Parts
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Software Updates

*PurIon System is not eligible for this plan*

Parts + Service Plan

The Parts + Plan is focused on teaching institutions and startups that would like to lock in the cost of parts and familiarize their students, staff and faculty members in the best way to maintain their system and troubleshoot common chromatographic instrument issues.


  • Upfront parts cost for budget planning
  • Decrease time to learn the instrument
  • Decrease troubleshooting and down time

Included in the Parts + Service Plan

Parts Table.PNG

Expendable Repair Parts, Expendable parts such as seals, PM kits and lamps are included in this plan.

Specialized Tools, Tools required to perform basic maintenance are provided.

Remote Troubleshooting and Basic Maintenance Instruction

Troubleshooting and basic maintenance instruction performed remotely. via video conferencing.

  • Syllabus
    • Maintenance
      • Pump seal replacement (if applicable)
      • Lamp replacement
      • Flushing and cleaning
      • Priming
    • Troubleshooting
      • Check list
      • Run example without proper priming and equilibration
      • Run example with carryover from the previous separation
      • Run example universal test sample performed properly
      • Low light level error
      • Low solvent error

*PurIon System is not eligible for this plan​*

Premium Service Plan

The Premium Service Plan is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical environment. This plan covers sample induced errors, such as clogs that are inevitable in a research environment. The Premium Service Plan also provides worry-free maintenance by including expendable repair parts such as pump seals and lamps.​​

Premium Plan.PNG

Sample Induced Errors
Clogs caused by analyte buildup, leaks caused by high pressure induced by clogs and dirty flow cell messages
are covered in this plan.

Expendable Repair Parts
Expendable repair parts are parts normally used up or consumed in service, includes pump seals, PM kits and lamps.

Preventative Maintenance Performed On-site
Factory trained technicians performs preventative maintenance once a year at the customer’s site. Preventative
maintenance includes pump seal and lamp replacement and passing universal test sample requirements.

On-site Repair and Travel
The Technician’s time spent repairing and traveling is covered under this plan.​

Premium+ Service Plan

Saving the best for last, this plan is designed to ensure your unit is ready for use despite sample and solvent induced issues. The Premium+ was designed for customers where separations are critical to the pipeline and cannot afford instrument downtime.

Premium Plus Plan.PNG

Cleaning and Verification Description
Factory trained technicians are on-site 11 times a year to perform cleaning and verify the unit is performing at
peak efficiency.
  • Cleaning
    • Inspect solvent containers and inlet screens
    • Flush the system with a strong solvent
      • Verify the system is clean
    • Verify common mobile phases are clean
  • Verification
    • Verify the detector and gradient are functioning.
    • Teledyne ISCO proprietary sample run on the system
Solve many problems before they occur with the verification tests. The Teledyne ISCO Verification Test can detect
problems before they occur. The cleaning prevents sample induced issues from occurring.

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Provides 11 additional on-site service calls compared to the Premium Service Plan option
  • Reduces the inconvenience of unplanned service calls for downed instruments
  • Maximizes instrument availability by minimizing clogs, sample and mobile phase related issues
What Would Additional Service Calls Cost Without this Plan
To receive this level of ongoing support throughout a 12-month period at billable rates, would be estimated at

Reduces the Inconvenience of Unplanned Service Calls
Service plans make it easy to call in a service technician but having an unplanned service call disrupts the labs
and makes scheduling your day a little more difficult. The Premium + plan reduces the disruption to your lab by
providing monthly scheduled visits.



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